Amelie Waring Fellowship



A research fellowship is supported by the Society.

Amelie Waring unfortunately succumbed to an attack of trauma associated acute pancreatitis. Her husband, Mr. Herbert Waring, was determined to improve the understanding and management of the disease, and made a bequest in her name to the Pancreatic Society more than 20 years ago. This Society has utilised the investment expertise of the Digestive Disorders Foundation to ensure that the fund has grown over the years and can now support regular research salaries and laboratory costs. This is a substantial award, specifically for pancreatic research, administered through the charitable organisationCORE (formerly the Digestive Diseases Foundation).


Amelie Waring three-year fellowship for research into any aspect of pancreatic inflammation or injury
Applications are invited for a three year fellowship into any aspect of pancreatic inflammation or injury. Preference will be given to candidates who intend to pursue research in their future careers. In making the award, emphasis will be placed not only on the project itself, but also on the candidate’s potential and the quality of the training proposed.
The total value of the fellowship is £180,000 to cover salary costs and consumables over 3 years.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday 13th December 2013. Interviews will be held on 20th February.

Futher information – please contact Aluice Kington 020 7563 9994
Download an application form and guidance notes here:


  • 2011 Fellowship Muhammad Javed (Liverpool) Mitochondrial cyclophilin D: a novel molecular target for the treatment of necrotizing pancreatitis.
  • 2008 Fellowship Dr Rajarshi Mukerjee (Liverpool) Mitochondrial injury in the pathogenesis of necrotizing pancreatitis
  • 2005-7 Fellowship Mr John Murphy at Royal (Liverpool) The role of intracellular second messengers and premature intracellular enzyme activation in the pathogenesis of acute pancreatitis.
  • 2002-5 Fellowship Mr Damian Mole (Belfast and now at Edinburgh) Research project to test a probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus Plantarium 299
  • 2000-2 Fellowship Fanny Shek (Southampton) Mechanisms of stellate cell activation, proliferation and apoptosis in chronic pancreatitis.
  • 1998-2001 Fellowship Dr R Aspinall (Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine Research) Genetic vaccination for pancreatic cancer
  • 1995 Fellowship L J Formela (Liverpool) Randomized, double-blind phase II trial of Lexipafant, a platelet-activating factor antagonist, in human acute pancreatitis
  • 1990-2 Fellowship Mr Graeme Poston (Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine Research, now Liverpool) Experimental applications of somatostatin analogues in pancreatic cancer
  • 1988-1990 Fellowship C K Ching (Liverpool) Identification of the peanut-agglutinin binding pancreatic cancer serum marker in pancreatic tissue extracts, Use of lectin histochemistry in pancreatic cancer
  • 1986-1988 Fellowship Mohammed Taj (Manchester) Hypersecretion of biliary fatty acids in patients with exocrine pancreatic disease
  • 1984-1986 Fellowship R J L ANDERSON, A K KHULLAR (University Department of Gastroenterology, Manchester Royal Infirmary; and Departments of Physiology and Biochemistry, Manchester Medical School, Manchester) Chymotrypsin and trypsin inhibitor in pancreatic disease; Peroxidised linoleic acid and experimental pancreatitis
  • 1982-84 Fellowship Professor R M Case and Dr Joan Braganza (Manchester); Professor R C N Williamson (Bristol), Mr M J McMahon (Leeds), Michael J McMahon (Leeds) Relation of α2-macroglobulin and other antiproteases to the clinical features of acute pancreatitis