Grants, Bursaries and Fellowships

The Society supports a number of research projects providing a number of small research grants aimed at “pump priming” research into pancreatic disease, to enable pilot work to obtain results that will subsequently support applications for completion funding to the larger awarding bodies. Applications for awards of around £5-10,000 should be forwarded via the secretary and will be considered on an individual basis by the committee. Details on how to apply may be accessed from within the members area

Currently active reaserch projects funded by the Society are:

  • Mark Duxbury (Edinburgh) Systemic identification and functional characterisation protein interaction partners of the Homosapiens SID1 transmembrane family member 1 (SIDT1) protein in human pancreatic cancer
  • Ashley Dennison (Leicester) Cytokine and growth factor changes in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer treated with Gemcitabine and omeg-3 fish oil.